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Saturday, 27 December 2008

Monday, 15 December 2008

Final Project_9 Visions of a Chinese Chair

Art is useless; furniture is useful.
If you sit your ass on it, it's a chair,
if you walk around and look at it, it's art...
In fact, the more layers of meaning the better.
Richard Artschwager
It is the theme of my master project this year in UK.
The original inspiration came form the course I attended last year, called 'Chinese Literati Aesthetics'.
Here is the previous article I wrote about the course.
I am looking forward to introducing the inner thoughts of Chinese culture through a chair, a Ming style chair.

Chinese chairs convey a mass of information, and insight into the contemporary Chinese spirit.
‘Sitting’ is one of the actions we do since the day we are born.
A ‘seat’ is an object which comes from culture.
Because of the seat, ‘sitting’ became a cultural activity.
Thus, the act of sitting affects the form of the seat,
likewise the form of the seat causes different way of sitting.
(translated from 《一章木椅》)

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